Photo of Carlo at Apple's European Headquarters

The Long Intro

The Long Intro

Welcome to my opinion blog on the web. In this intro, I am telling you a little more about myself.

I was born and raised in The Hague, the Netherlands, but I left the Netherlands in 2018 after I got hired as Human Interface Designer at Apple in Ireland. I joined the IS&T Team, which is basically the department that designs internal software for Apple’s internal usage, such as the Apple Store, Apple Care, and everything at Apple internally.

Almost my entire life, I have been obsessed with design, technology, and traveling. Besides having a fantastic time at Apple, after 2 years, I still couldn’t settle in Ireland. There was a housing crisis, and I lived for 2 years in a B&B, and the daily rainy and cloudy weather was also not helping. So I made the tough decision to leave Apple and move back to the Netherlands.

Once in the Netherlands

I started my own company and worked on several projects for UIX design and web development. Quickly after that, I got in touch with an NGO in New York, and things went fast. I became a product manager of a new platform that they worked on and worked closely with the United Nations on this. The closer I worked with them on this, the more I got involved in some other projects of the UN.

Some months after that

I moved to Córdoba, Argentina, which is where I still am, and decided to settle myself. So you will might also read some things of me comparing things from Argentina with the Netherlands. I love the Argentinian culture, climate and of course… its food! The country is huge; there is so much to explore!

So, what is it with this blog?

Throughout my life, I have always had long talks with people about what’s happening across the globe. I loved debating about these topics and sharing my opinion on them. I have had some great conversations with amazing people, and we could talk for hours and hours about many things. Some people told me, ” You’re so good with tech; why not a blog?” I often rejected the idea… until now. I love writing, and I can keep on writing for a long time… but I have seriously zero experience with blogging, but it is an interesting new thing for me!