You can plant trees in the fall. Here’s how!

Is it possible to plant trees in the fall — and more importantly, will they grow and continue to thrive throughout the winter months? As the seasons change and the temperature drops, this question inevitably comes up. 

The answer is: yes! In fact, fall is one of the best times to plant certain species of trees in specific areas of North America and the world. That’s why, each year, we celebrate Plant a Tree Day on September 28th, a global day of action that inspires thousands of volunteers around the world to plant trees, remove invasive species, clean up litter, establish community gardens and more! 

A variety of species can still be planted in the fall and will survive during the harsh winter months. In fact, many trees in the northern hemisphere go through freeze-thaw cycles, and if they are planted in the fall, they will have plenty of time to establish their root systems before going through a freeze cycle and later growing branches and leaves. In other words: as long as you plant them approximately 6 weeks before they freeze, and they are native to the region, the trees should be fine.

Looking to plant a tree in your own yard this fall? Use the following steps to ensure success.

How to plant a tree this fall: