NEW YORK (May 5, 2022) – “Every day that the war in Ukraine continues is a nightmare for millions of children.

“Nearly two-thirds of Ukraine’s children have been forced to flee. Many have seen things no child should ever see. 

“Their homes have been hit. Their schools have been attacked, along with all the systems that could help them survive.

“And we must never forget the hundreds of children who have not survived – many of them killed by explosive weapons – and hundreds of other children who have been wounded in this senseless war.  

“Every minute counts in the effort to help every child affected by the war. Reaching them is extremely challenging – especially in parts of eastern Ukraine where shelling and attacks are continuous.

“From the very start of this war, UNICEF has been working wherever children need us to be – from the frontlines to the borders, to the countries hosting refugees.

“We have delivered millions of dollars worth of emergency supplies to hospitals, shelters, train stations, schools, and child protection centers and trucked in safe water for over a million people.  And both in Ukraine and in neighboring countries we are operating ongoing programs reaching children with child protection services, education, health care and social protection support.

“We will continue doing everything we can for Ukraine’s children — to meet their urgent needs and also to support critical social services that build resilience, so they can rebuild their lives someday.  

“I wish this was enough.  It is not.  Only peace will ever be enough to give these children back even a fraction of what they have lost.  Until then, we will stay and deliver for Ukraine’s children and families. 

“In closing, I would like to express my appreciation for the tremendous efforts by our UN teams both inside and outside of Ukraine – and for the solidarity Poland and other refugee-hosting countries continue to show.

“I would also like to express our gratitude to our donors in every sector.  Your generosity has brought help and hope to children living through this nightmare. 

“We are counting on you to help us continue to help Ukraine’s children – and Ukraine’s children are counting on all of us.

“Thank you.”

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