Josep Borell, the EU’s foreign policy chief, recently said that if Putin decides to use his shiny nukes, the West would respond with such a powerful answer that the Russian Army would be “annihilated.”

I wasn’t planning on writing another article about the Russian war since my last article, but I was quite surprised about Josep Borrell’s response to Russia. Actually, I never expected the European Union to use such… a direct way of telling another nation we could end this war very quickly if things got out of hand… But I will try to keep this article short.

So, Annihilated, aka completely destroying the Russian Army, that’s quite some choice of words.

A little while ago, when Putin gave another TV Statement about mobilizing the Russian Male Citizens, he said Russia would do everything to defend itself. “It’s not a bluff,” Putin said.

Europe is Tired

Josep Borrell’s latest statement is a direct response to Putin’s “not bluffing” statement.

“There is the nuclear threat, and Putin is saying he is not bluffing. Well, he cannot afford bluffing. It has to be clear that the people supporting Ukraine, the European Union, the member states, the United States, and NATO are not bluffing either. And any nuclear attack against Ukraine will create an answer — not a nuclear answer but such a powerful answer from the military side — that the Russian Army will be annihilated, and Putin should not be bluffing”
Josep Borrell said during a European Diplomatic Academy event.

To me, it looks like Josep is being very serious here, sending a very strong and clear message to Putin and telling him to play it better safe; otherwise, the West will end this very quickly.

Now, I am very confident that the European Union is not bluffing at all. I guess that most nations (and Russian citizens) across the world are kinda done and tired of this Russian-Ukraine invasion and want to end this as soon as possible.

Most nations are having regional issues with Gas & Energy prices right now. Before the Russian invasion, there was the COVID Pandemic, which was also an incredibly exhausting period for governments across the globe. Then Russia decided to invade their neighbors.. barely any “rest” time for the governments.

The Nuclear Response, or maybe not

While I was scrolling on Twitter, I came across an English-written Tweet by the French president, Emmanuel Macron:

Macron also seemed to tell Putin to “get back to the negotiating table”. Besides that, he also suggested that France won’t deploy its nukes at Russia, even if Putin uses them in Ukraine.

Whether Europe would use its (limited, but thanks to France) nukes, France would only use their nukes for extreme circumstances of self-defense (but what if nuclear radioactivity enters French territory…?). Anyways, nobody wants a nuclear war, not even Putin.

I am not entirely sure what the position of the United States is, though. I assume that the US won’t respond with nuclear weapons either because that could turn into a very, very nasty nuclear war that, again, nobody wants.

Based on what US President Joe Biden said in the past and now Josep Borell’s threats, I think that the West would use other (very powerful) military tactics that would “wipe out” the Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian map.

My Take on it

As most Russian mobilized soldiers are already turning their backs on the Russian government, openly complaining on social media about their living conditions, imagine what will happen if they read that the entire West and NATO decide to join the battle to “Annihilate” the Russian soldiers…

Yeah… so I guess this war is now in the endgame, and Putin needs to decide its next move. He seems open to negotiating again after his talks with Turkish President Erdogan and even wants to pump gas to Europe again through Turkey. (Thanks Erdogan for retaining open dialogue with Russia and the Western countries).

When I started writing this article, I said I would keep things short. I hope you agree that this article wasn’t that… overwhelming and too much to read. Therefore, I will now finish my “Frutas Rojas” lemonade and publish this article that you are reading right now.

Time for coffee.