NEW YORK (September 13, 2022) – UNICEF today announced a new global education mascot. Uni will serve as an ambassador for learning and symbolize every child’s right to access quality education.

Uni symbolizes the hope that access to quality learning gives children and their communities. Yet, with nearly 70 per cent of children in low- and middle-income countries unable to read and understand a simple written story, Uni’s purpose is also to draw attention to the current state of education and inspire urgent transformation.

Ahead of next week’s United Nations Transforming Education Summit, UNICEF hopes that the mascot will help inspire much needed reform of school systems worldwide.

In addition to the launch of artwork, UNICEF has created a life-size version of the mascot. Made of comforting foam and bright blue felt, Uni is encased in a full-body six-foot “backpack”, which represents UNICEF’s iconic blue backpacks, given to 1.3 million schoolchildren last year alone. Uni was designed in-house by UNICEF.

“Uni embodies our aspiration that every child has the right to go to school and learn,” said Paloma Escudero, UNICEF Global Director of Communication and Advocacy. “Every child has a right not only to be in school, but to learn in school, acquiring the basic skills that are the foundation for higher learning and higher income levels someday.”



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