NEW YORK (January 25, 2022) – A new global leadership team comprising of eight representatives from Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Sweden, the UK and USA have today joined UNICEF Next Generation, a volunteer community of young leaders, creatives and philanthropists, ages 21-45, dedicated to supporting UNICEF and its work for children.

The team, UNICEF NextGen Global Principals, champion UNICEF as a partner to their generation’s leaders, making investing in children a top priority in philanthropy, business and development. Principals will commit their resources, time, networks and skills to help address child rights issues including the climate crisis, mental health, and inequality in digital connectivity and content.

“The challenges that children face today cannot be overcome by any one organization or individual,” said Karin Hulshof, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director. “Creating a better, more sustainable, healthy, prosperous and safe world for children requires us all to work together. We are honoured to welcome the new founding members of UNICEF NextGen Global Principals and thank them for their commitment and leadership. Our NextGen leaders give us hope for the future.”

As members of a fundraising incubator and thought leadership platform, Principals will combine their influence, ideas and expertise to work as a global team to engage and unlock new sources of support for UNICEF.

The eight new leaders include: Siwon Choi (Republic of Korea), Victoria Edwards (USA), Thiago Figueiredo (Brazil, Portugal), Melissa Sesana Grajales (Colombia, UK), Natasha Müller, Magnus Rausing (UK, Sweden), Dr. Emily Watts (USA), Matteo Zevi (Italy).

Launched in 2009, through country- and regional-level communities in Ireland, Italy, Norway, Thailand, the UK, the US and Viet Nam, UNICEF Next Generation members have donated or influenced over US$46 million to support UNICEF’s work. The community has a strong legacy of campaigns and initiatives, including ‘Cook For Syria’ a restaurant fundraiser and social media campaign to raise awareness for children affected by the crisis in Syria; ‘Words By a poetry book inspired by ‘the need for change’; and FOMO an editorial project that highlights the hopes and fears of refugee children in Lebanon.



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