Here are 27 Ways You Can Help Fight Climate Change

From increased extreme weather events to rising sea levels, extended wildfire seasons, and prolonged droughts that put pressure on food crops and agricultural systems, our climate is changing right before our eyes. And many wonder: will we be able to change quickly enough with it?

The good news is that although there any many challenges to overcome, we’re not alone! As demonstrated by Fridays for the Future and other global movements, millions of people are concerned enough to take direct action by protesting, organizing, and speaking truth to power.

So what can you do today to stop climate change in its tracks? Most of us cannot simply go permanently off the grid or become zero-waste ninjas, but there’s still plenty that anyone can do right now to make a difference. And who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire a movement of your own!

Ready to Get Started? Read on For 27 of Our Best Actionable Ways to Help You Stop Climate Change Today

Recycling Bins


We get it: you’ve heard this a million times before, and it’s hard to know what even is recyclable these days. But recycling remains an effective and important way to reduce your carbon footprint. Looking for ways to improve your recycling efforts? Check out our How to Recycle Guide to learn more!

Women planting trees

2. Support Women & Educate Girls

Empowered women empower women, and when they have have a voice in things like family size and livelihood, women can play a key role in addressing climate change. Support mentoring programs and participate in initiatives (like microeconomics) that help women start small, sustainable businesses!

Solar panels for renewable energy

3. USE Renewable Energy Sources

It’s no secret that extracting fossil fuels is wrecking our planet, which is why we need to shift to renewable energy sources. But even if you can’t afford to buy a Tesla, there are plenty of ways you can reduce your energy consumption, including signing up for solar panels, finding a green energy provider, and replacing your burned-out florescent lightbulbs with LEDs.

Man cycling

4. Green up Your Commute

Gas-powered vehicles guzzle up fossil fuels, clog highways, and spew out toxic greenhouse gases. That adds up to a TON of pollution (and road rage). So whenever possible, grab your bike, hop on a bus or train, or lace up your walking shoes. The planet — and your waistline — will thank you!

Plate with vegetarian meals

5. Eat Less Meat

There’s no getting around it: eating animals that were factory farmed thousands of miles away is just plain bad — for our health, the planet, our consciences, and our wallets. So try to incorporate more local, plant-based meals into your diet. You might be pleasantly surprised by how delicious vegetables can be!

Woman sewing

7. Become a veritable Mr(s). Fix-it

Our wasteful ways are trashing our planet and costing us a lot of money to boot. So the next time you find a hole in your sock or your washer is on the fritz, consider repairing before replacing. Don’t have the skills? Hop on YouTube or ask an elder in your life!

Plastic water bottle on the beach

8. Use Less Plastic

But you can recycle it, right? Wrong. Greenpeace recently discovered that most plastic gets baled and shipped to countries with lax environmental protection laws. Until we have a better recycling system in place, it’s best to avoid plastic entirely.

I voted badge

9. Vote Like Your Planet Depends on it

Vote for climate-conscious representatives in every election up and down the ballot. And urge your representatives to commit to setting science-based targets to reduce emissions, implement clear-eyed plans for addressing climate change, and shift to a clean-energy economy.