Here Are 8 Eco-Friendly Fundraising Ideas For Kids

In a world built for grown-ups, it’s important to teach kids that you can never be too young to make a difference. Fundraising events aren’t just for adults and with a little supervision, kids can lead successful fundraisers, too! The best part? Fundraising can teach kids responsibility, money management and teamwork, among many other key life lessons. Here are 8 eco-friendly fundraising ideas for kids that will teach them that kids can make a positive impact on the planet!

Ready To Raise Money With Your Kids? Read On For 8 Of Our Favorite Fundraising Ideas For Kids

recycle electronics

1. Recycle electronics for cash

Old cell phones, laptops, cameras, and other electronic devices can easily be recycled through local programs that offer cash in exchange for electronics. See if the school your kids attend will allow an electronic donation box where kids and adults can donate old electronics. The funds can go towards an environmental organization such as One Tree Planted which will plant 1 tree for every $1 USD donated. 

bee on flower

2. Save the bees and sell seeds

Gardens can provide a sanctuary for honeybees that depend on flowers and plants for food. Set up a simple seed stand with your kids and sell seed packets of herbs, flowers, fruit, and vegetables that are native to the region you live in. Wildflowers, tomatoes, strawberries, mint, thyme, basil, lilacs, sunflowers, and tulips are all great options that honeybees love!

hot chocolate

3. Set up a hot chocolate stand

Another great fundraising idea would be to set up a pop-up hot chocolate stand with your kids and provide tasty hot chocolates to chilly rink-goers in an ice-skating rink! Before setting up, check your state or province regulations to see if a permit is required, and be sure to choose a hot chocolate mix from a brand that promotes fair trade practices and sustainable farming. 

used book sale

4. Host a used book sale

Most of us have a few books lying around that we no longer need – take advantage of this and host a used book sale with your children! Selling books teaches kids the importance of reading and money management, while giving old books a new life. Get other family members and community members involved, by asking if they  if they have any books they’re willing to donate for a good cause!

DIY bird feeder

5. Sell DIY birdseed feeders

Want to craft with your kids and promote local biodiversity? Create DIY birdseed ornaments! Use agar agar powder, water, wild bird seed, cookie cutters, and string to create the ornaments then sell them to your local birders, family, and friends! We love this recipe created by Fireflies and Mudpies that keeps even in warm temperatures!


6. Put together snowman kits

If you’re in an area that gets plenty of snow each winter, you’ll likely notice snowmen (and snowwomen) popping up as soon as the snow settles. Create simple paper bag snowman kits with your kids by using stones, a carrot, buttons and scarves. Sell the kits for a few bucks each and watch as the donations sprinkle in!