Taking care of your tree: 

Now that you’ve planted your tree, here are a few other things to ensure that it can thrive in its new home!

Research your environment: Read up on your local climate, gardening zone, soil type, and the best native species to plant. Or just talk with nursery staff, who are generally happy to share their knowledge!

Plant during fall or spring (as far away from the heat of the summer as you can): Ideally, trees should be planted during the dormant season. In the fall, this is after leaf drop, and in early spring, it’s before bud break. This allows tender saplings to establish roots before things really heat up and conditions encourage intense foliage growth.

Don’t amend the soil unless absolutely necessary: In some cases, it is, but researchers have found that adding too much compost to the soil can prevent the roots from spreading. The long-term affects of this include a smaller root system, reduced growth, and a less hardy plant. Still want to give your new tree a leg up? Blend some amendment into the existing soil.

Consider setting up an irrigation system: At least, at first. Deep, slow watering allows the soil to slowly saturate, reducing runoff and giving the roots plenty of time to drink their fill.

If fertilizer is necessary, hold off until the tree has had a chance to establish itself: At this beginning stage, all of the tree’s energy should be concentrated on root development to build a solid foundation for long-term growth and survival. When you’re ready to fertilize, use a slow-release, non-burning organic fertilizer to help prevent shock.

Proper follow-up care is just as important as proper planting: Keep a close eye on things, particularly monitoring for any outward signs of distress, and making any necessary adjustments. Water trees at least once a week (unless it rains), and more often during hot or windy weather. But don’t over-water either — the soil should be moist but not water-logged.

So there you have it! With our tree planting tips, you should be able to confidently plant a tree at home, and we highly recommend it. It’s a great feeling! Still want to leave the planting to us? That’s fine, too!